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Explain The Principles Of Injection

(1) Seriously implement the check system

1 Strictly implement the “three check seven pairs” 2 carefully check the quality of the drug 3 should be verified that there is no incompatibility for the preparation of drugs

(2) Observe the principle of aseptic operation. 1 Wash hands before injection, wear masks and coats neatly. 2 Pistons, needles and needles of syringes must be kept sterile. 3 Disinfect the skin of the injection site as required. Only take the liquid when it is used. If the time is too long, the liquid is contaminated or the potency is lowered.

(3) Choose the right syringe and needle. Choose the right syringe and needle according to the amount of liquid, viscosity and irritation.

(4) Select the appropriate injection site Avoid the vascular nerve, do not enter the needle in the inflammation, scars, induration, skin disease.

(5) Excluding air The air inside the syringe should be excluded before injection to prevent air from entering the blood vessel and causing air embolism.

(6) Check blood return before injection (7) Grasp the appropriate needle depth

1 various injection methods have different needle depth requirements

2 When the needle is inserted, the needle can not be pierced into the skin to prevent it from being handled more difficult when the needle is broken.

(8) reduce the discomfort and pain of patients

1 Do a good job of explanation and comfort to eliminate the patient’s anxiety and fear.

2 Guide and assist the patient to take appropriate posture and posture to facilitate muscle relaxation

3 to achieve “two fast and one slow”, that is, the needle is inserted, the needle is pulled quickly, and the bolus is slow.

4 When several kinds of liquid medicines need to be injected at the same time, firstly, the less irritating drug solution is injected, and then the irritating drug is injected.

5 When injecting a highly irritating drug, a slender needle should be used, and the needle should be deeper.

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